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   Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gervais Lake Apartments

We recently purchased this 102 unit apartment building with 103 garages.  This 1980s built apartment building has common features of buildings in that time.  Large, nicely landscaped yard.  Exterior, PRIVATE, secure garages.  Large apartments with nice amenities.  The building is so new to us, we don't have good pictures, but they will be coming soon.  It is located at 1041 County Road D, Vadnais Heights, MN, 55109.

If you would like to learn about apartments for rent, please call Diana at 612-874-1660 or at this email

If you have general questions about the Gervais Lake Apartments, please call Ricky at 952-228-9191.

We do background checks on all applicants. We check credit, criminal, rental and income history. We don't look for Mother Theresa, but we do expect all tenants to be clean, quiet and assets to the community. We know back ground checks are a hassle, but you will appreciate the fact that your neighbors are just as responsible as you are. There is a $35 application fee. If you would to apply, you can get an application here.

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